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Please donate to our Air Conditioning Fund!

Who would have thought we would need air conditioning in December! Well, with outdoor temperatures in the 70s over the past couple weeks, we have needed it! And now our poor old unit is kaput! So, now we come to you for help so we can purchase a new unit! This is not to keep us (the people)'s needed to keep the fishies happy! We probably won't need the air conditioning after this week....assuming winter temperatures return....but we will certainly need it by springtime! Warm temperatures in the hatchery confuse our poor little fishies! Kinda like so many flowers in local yards are confused and blooming now. We don't want our fish "blooming" yet! So, please consider sending a little (or a lot of!) love our way! We would certainly appreciate it. But, even more, our fish would appreciate it! Thanks!

And Happy New Year to all of our wonderful supporters!


New Blog/Newsletter Format

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Hello Folks!

We have adopted a new Newsletter Format! Starting January 2013 all of the Newsletters will be archived and there will be links that will take you right to them! Hope this works out well for everyone! Thanks!


Season's Greetings from CFI 2012

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Happy Holidays folks!

It has been a long field season! It may finally be over. Pat and crew just returned from Shoal Creek and the vicinity of the Elk River. We still had some boulder darters and spotfin chub destined for Shoal Creek that needed to be released!

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