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CFI's Fishfest 2014

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Conservation Fisheries Spring 2014

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Hello Folks!

As usual, we have been about as busy as is possible this spring! All winter, the "back room crew" (which sometimes includes all of us!) has been busy making repairs, re-tooling systems, setting up for spawning etc. And they often do this in uncomfortably cold conditions! Thanks especially Rebecca and Meredith!

Already spawning are things like Ashy Darters, Kentucky Arrow Darters, Cumberland Darters, Bluemask Darters, Diamond Darters, Boulder Darters and likely others I've forgotten about! We have been out surveying for Barrens Topminnows, Yellowfin Madtoms and Bluemask Darters. We even made time to go out and enjoy a bit of the Buffalo run in Citico Creek. Video link below:

I think by far the most spectacular thing we have seen are the Bluemask Darters! Yesterday, we were fortunate enough to catch the Collins River low and clear, so we got in to try to observe their spawning. We were not disappointed! Check out this video:

P1030491 copy.jpg

Corrugated Darter, Etheostoma basilare (Another nice surprise from the Collins River)

P1030462 copy.jpg

Bluemask Darter, Etheostoma akatulo. Male and female.