What is Conservation Fisheries?


   Conservation Fisheries is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization based in Knoxville, Tennessee.  CFI is dedicated to the preservation of aquatic biodiversity in our streams and rivers. CFI was founded in 1986 and incorporated in 1992. Over the 25+ years of working with southeastern fishes, Conservation Fisheries has developed techniques to propagate the region's rarest fishes.  Our goal is to restore fish populations that have been eliminated because of pollution or habitat destruction. CFI is the first facility in the Southeast to propagate rare, non-game fishes for recovery work. Aside from propagation work, CFI also monitors the status of populations of rare fishes in Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Virginia. CFI has developed unique, non-invasive monitoring techniques for which we are widely recognized.

Aside from propagation of endangered and threatened fish species CFI also produce fishes for use in toxicity testing.  Policy makers use these tests to refine water quality standards for our rivers and streams.  CFI has even applied these propagation techniques to producing fish for mussel hatcheries to use as host fish, therefore decreasing the need to take fish from the wild.